Pin the Tail

Great hand-eye coordination is needed for children and adults alike. Pin the correct tail on the right animals in this fast paced side scroller.

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Rollin' Pirates

Pirates sure love treasure. Use your phone's accelerometer to steer the ball to the target.

Go Matey!

Ghost Mind

It takes a great mastermind to solve this puzzle game. Break the ghostly code by placing the correct color ghost in their trap. Three levels of difficulty will keep you entertained for many hours.


Our site is live

Welcome to the website of our new subsidiary "Sx3 Studios". In 2013 we (Sx3 B.V.) decided to give our biggest love some extra exposure.

Sx3 B.V. | Solid Software Solutions

We are proud to announce that the new site is live.

This off course does not mean that Sx3 B.V. cant remain your ICT partner for custom build software, cloud solutions or even Office 365. Our in-house projects such as games will be showcased here and in the near future the apps not build for a specific customer of Sx3 B.V. will also find its way here. So what will this site offer:

  • Background information of our projects
  • News about upcoming releases
  • What we are working on
  • Blog posts from the developers
  • News from the casual gaming industry

We value your opinion, so please give feedback (mail, tweet or facebook us).

Tweet tweet

The fastest way to know what we are up to is following our twitter account. Besides info on our projects we also keep you informed about the world of casual gaming.

Gaming news

Read what's happening in the world of gaming

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