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Unity 3D on Windows RT and Windows Phone soon

With the public beta of Unity 3D 4.2 there is some great stuff coming for Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT. Unity 3D is a great cross platform engine for creating games. It’s architecture translates you’re game to native calls in C++ on DirectX or OpenGl. You visually design the game and add game logic in your favorite programming language (C#, Javascript or BOO). The designer is available for both Mac and Windows users. You can publish you’re games to most major platforms and devices (Xbox 360, PS3, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Flash, Facebook).
Unity 3D

And now it is coming for Windows Phone and Windows RT.

This is a great opportunity for Indies who already published a Unity 3D game for mobile devices.
With the public beta well underway it won’t be long until we can start porting. The extra license fees for these platforms are not yet made public, but I expect them to be similar to iOS and Android.
For Windows Phone 8 there are already some titles available made with Unity 3D like “Drift Mania Championship” and as of today “Temple run”. Which can only mean the new “Temple Run 2” will be available very soon.

The channel9 video below shows the use of the accelerometer and talks of components for IAP (In app purchases) etc.

Our current project is being done in Unity 3D and we can't wait to see it in the Windows Store.

Where are the badges and icons for WP, iOS and Android

So you just created your first multi-platform app. Now you find yourself looking all over the Internet for some decent marketplace / store / play icons.

Search no further. Here are the links to the official images.

Windows Phone marketplace


Also contains the illustrator files and generic phone images in photoshop format.

iOS App Store


After login with apple Id, you can find badges in any language and device images in various formats.


Android's Google play


This is more a generator then a simple download. Contains the latest Google play badges, but also Nexus device images. The generator allows you to drag your own images onto the devices and generate youre own marketing images.

 Windows Store

Windowsstore Badge En English Black Small 154X40

Windowsstore Badge En English Green Small 154X40

Also contains some great tablet device chassis downloads.