Developing Pin The Tail

1. About Pin The Tail Pin The Tail (PTT) is a fun and addictive version of the analogue game "Pin the tail on the donkey". It's a side scrolling 2D platform game. There are multiple layers of backgrounds with randomly placed animals tha ...  more

Unity 3D on Windows RT and Windows Phone soon

With the public beta of Unity 3D 4.2 there is some great stuff coming for Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT. Unity 3D is a great cross platform engine for creating games. It’s architecture translates you’re game to native calls in C++ on DirectX or OpenG ...  more

Where are the badges and icons for WP, iOS and Android

So you just created your first multi-platform app. Now you find yourself looking all over the Internet for some decent marketplace / store / play icons. Search no further. Here are the links to the official images. Windows Phone marketplace  http ...  more