FarmerSx3 Studios is founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Solid Software Solutions (Sx3 B.V.). Our mission is to bring fun and engaging mobile games for all ages. Co-founders Rogier van de Roer and Nico Maas felt we should take our joined hobby to the next level. Making games and apps is very exciting; will it catch on, how to reach “critical mass” and what does the target audience think of what we created.

The ever increasing number of app downloads across all platforms is staggering! Apple alone reported in 2012 that the app store had 650000 apps available and has had over 30 billion downloads from its beginning. Google play started in October 2008 and only four years later has over 700000 apps available and estimates a download count of over 25 billion.

Games for mobile devices is our first love. Sure we will not discriminate. We did some proof of concepts on Xbox 360, but we are too small to bring the exceptional AAA games console gamers are used to. Our strength lies in the fact we know technology, we can build games in Flash, HTML5, Facebook, XNA, MonoGame and Unity3D. Each new project has its own requirements which determine the technology of choice.

If you or your company wants a game to promote your latest product or needs a gamified app, simply contact us or Solid Software Solutions (don’t worry the same team of people will build it). You will be amazed at what can be built with even the smallest of budgets.

We cannot do it alone. We have a great network of fellow game developers always willing to help out.

Never stop playing!

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